Friday, January 22, 2010

Island of Anguilla....a short ferry ride from St. Martin

The West end of the Island has beautiful sunsets

Coconut Grove at Gwen's - East Shoal Bay
Just grab a hammock and wile away the day

Goldie Hawn once told about her Dad taking her to
the ocean and telling her when she began to think
about how 'big' in show business she was, she needed
to look at the ocean and realize how small she really was

Sandy Ground....where the rich and the famous moor
their yachts

Beach at Gwen's - East Shoal Bay
Sundays they serve up Ribs, Jamaican beer
and Reggae music

Little Bay -- only accessible by ROPE or boat :)

Anguilla is for the people that don't crave shopping...but rather laid back relaxation.  That is what I found so endearing.  If you'd like to see more photos of Anguilla, I'm linking to my Picasa Album.  I hope you enjoy them and will visit the Island one day.

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