Sunday, January 17, 2010

a mid-afternoon thought....

Today on CBS Face the Nation and on Fox News Sunday, the team of Bush/Clinton was interviewed on it's Haiti efforts.  Bush reminded the interviewer on Fox that his Mother referred to Clinton as his 4th Brother (you know...since Bush the Elder and Clinton have done similar projects).

Anyway, I couldn't help recalling one of my favorite's entitled My Fellow Americans....and is simply hilarious!  James Garner, as the Democrat and Jack Lemmon, as the Republican.  If you've never seen it and want a lot of laughs, consider renting it.  It's so, so funny! (no matter your political persuasion)  It has a permanent place among my DVD's and I watch it every once in a while.

My other mid-afternoon thought is that the Cowboys STILL need a kicker!
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