Monday, February 8, 2010

Another 'winter warning' has appeared here....

Returned from the lake today prior to the snow beginning to stick on the ground. The Weathermen are predicting up to 6" of snow accumulation by morning and I knew if I didn't come home today, I wouldn't be able to get here until Roger put blankets in the car along with bottles of water and snacks for the 2  hr drive home that I was about to begin.  Since I promised him I wouldn't talk on the phone while I was driving, I pulled over twice to let him know the road conditions....which were just like driving in rain, really.  He said he had gotten a terrific headache from worrying about me....isn't that sweet.   :)  As evidence by this note....I made it just fine!

However, yesterday was a great time watching the Super Bowl, eating tamales and cheering for our team(s)......which this time happened to be different.  The pics below are the ones we posted on our Facebook pages.  The one with looks of promise was posted prior to the game.....and it's evident which one was posted after the game. lol lol lol


                                                   THE THRILL OF VICTORY.....
                                                          THE AGONY OF DEFEAT!!!!

You see... I think Peyton Manning is
simply adorable so how could I possibly cheer against him.  Roger wanted Drew Brees to lead the Saints to victory because, after 42 year of 'aints', they deserved it!  Even tho'
I secretly agreed with's just more fun with a little rivalry.  :)
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