Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thursday Night Musings......and "Sampling Food 101"

Got the income tax done today.....used TurboTax and it took me allllll day!  The software asked way too many questions and, of course, by nature I have to read each question carefully.  Just glad to have that done!

Perhaps you'll remember that I discussed my new found job, saying that I'd gone from negotiating, contracting and managing 40 million dollars in food and beverage contracts a year (prior to retiring) to managing a $9.88 frozen entree at one of the two prominent "Club" stores.....demo'ing food.  The people- interaction is just what I needed and I like it very much....usually 3 days a week...sometimes 4.  HOWEVER, after six weeks, I feel compelled to share a "Sampling Food 101".
Class is in Session!!!!!!  The Top 10 Things to Know!!!!!
  1. - You should realize that it's there with the intention of your sampling
  2. - Don't look the other way.....hoping the demo person will trip you
  3. - Go right up to them and say "Whatcha got?" or "I'd like to try it"
  4. - Don't stand a foot away and just stare.....they aren't mind readers     
  5. - If it really matters what it is...there are signs on the cart, an empty box behind the sneeze guard and often product sitting on the cart.  Don't stick you face against the sneeze guard, screw up your face and say "what is it"..See #3
  6. - When you take the kids in after school so they can have their 'after-school-snacks'...just say how many samples you'd like.....oh...and since you are the buying person it is appropriate for YOU to take one as well...even if you throw it out....not just hand them to the kids and walk off.  We like to feel like we sell!
  7.  If your child sitting in the cart drops...say...berries all over the floor and the demo person is nice enough to tell you you're losing berries.....don't jerk the container out of the child's hand, look at the all the berries on the floor and walk off.  Please pick up the berries!  It's the decent thing to do!
  8. - If you're with another adult and you request a sample, don't expect the demo person to automatically know that your friend...standing 3' behind you...wants one as well.  They need to speak up!
  9. - If you can't find something in the store, please take into consideration that it's VERY possible the demo person isn't employed by the when they don't know where something is don't be ugly to them.
  10. and FINALLY....#10   Just be sociable and nice to the demo person and always remember #3 above........."Whatcha got there?"   OR  "I'd like to try that!"

Going to the Lake after work tomorrow because Roger had friends from CA come tonight and he wants me to meet them.  Then I'm off to Branson for a couple of days with my cousins who are there for several days.  

Happy Friday!

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