Saturday, July 17, 2010

Tribute to America's Independence


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I've added fireworks at the beginning and the end that were taken in 2006 in Jackson Hole, WY and in 2009 at The Grand Lake Of the Cherokees in N.E. Oklahoma......

As the photos of people unfold I want you to know what they are:

The first 4 photos are of my nephews-by -marriage. (I would love to tell you their names, but not sure if I should publish them) They are brothers who have protected our freedom for 20 years each. God Bless them and keep them safe always!
Beginning with the 'Welcome Home Troops“ sign, it is what happens every day of the year at DFW Airport. You see, each day a plane lands from Iraq/Afghanistan and a plane takes off for that same place. December 3, 2009 was one of the most memorable days for me. My Daughter and I went out to one of the Terminals to join 75-100 others to welcome home that day’s Troops…’s a random gathering of Americans every day to welcome them home…..most were going to catch connections to their families and two ladies were there to help them find their way to their next plane…..but this was their first stop on American soil! The last of those photos is a man in a red hat with a cup of coffee and shaking the hand of a soldier (bet he does this every day  ) That man shook every single soldier’s hand and said either “Welcome Home, Son” or “Good to have you back, Man” and ALWAYS “Merry Christmas”

I hope you enjoy the photos and that you look within yourself this Independence Day and reflect on our precious Freedom and how seemingly tenuous it is this day in 2010. (at lea
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