Tuesday, March 22, 2011

A Little Nostalgia...part 2

Today marks the second year my first born turns 40...I like to say she's 40a. (when she reaches 40z she'll be 65 and retiring).  Seems like only yesterday that she was born....my how time flies.... 
As she was growing up, she was pretty shy and when confronted with new people or situations, she would coax her Brother, (who was 2 years younger and over-the-top in the out-going category) to go ahead and meet the people or size up the situation....then she would meander up and let him introduce her or tell her what she needed to know.

Today, she is a vibrant and out-going young woman....sure of who she is and focusing on goals she plans to achieve.  She does a great job selling real estate in the Dallas area, active in the Texas Republican party, represents the Texas Real Estate industry to a US Congressman and a State Representative and has learned to balance God, family, work and fun.  

Heather at 1 year old
Two Years Old
Heather & Javan 1973

Heather & her Grandpa on his 90th birthday Feb 2011

All a girl needs...her keys and her phone

Heather & her Mom Dec. 2010
 Happy Birthday, Baby Girl.....

 Love, Mom

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