Sunday, September 8, 2013

Olympic Peninsula's upper shore....

We left off in the previous blog with the promise of the next day's adventure in Washington.  You see, when my late-husband and I lived in Southeastern Oklahoma in the early 80's we had friends with whom we were very close.  We moved away, they moved away and eventually we lost touch completely.  About 2 or 3 years ago I was messaged on Facebook by their daughter asking me to Friend them....I was excited and happy to do that.  Natives of Washington State, they had retired to the upper shore of the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim.  They invited my brother and I to come have lunch with them while I was in Washington.  Hurray!

The measure of friendships for me is that when you haven't seen each other in awhile (and in this case over 20 years) the chatter is as if you had talked just yesterday.....and so it was.  :) We caught up with our lives quickly and had a wonderful lunch of fresh crab sandwiches with lemon bars for dessert.  Double Yum!!!

 They are gardeners and they have a front yard full of perennials....and I mean 'full'. One of the loveliest gardens I've ever seen.  Then one can walk along the side of the house beside the apple trees and enter the backyard ....just feet from the Salish Sea and the Strait of Juan de Fuca.  It was a beautiful day filled with sunshine which made it perfect for photos.

This is their spectacular front yard........
Front Yard
Front Yard
Front Yard
Front Yard

Then one goes 'round the side and through the gate to the back.....
Trees dripping with fruit....what a lovely side yard
Taken standing on their deck.
 I cropped this because I have a thing about putting the photo of unsuspecting folks on my blog.  This view is across their entire back yard.
looking to the left is the New Dungeness Lighthouse
....and to the right ....the shore
What wonderful day.....going with my brother from Redmond to Sequim on the ferry, hugging old friends that I've missed seeing, enjoying a delicious lunch and talking, talking, talking.  

When my brother and I got back to their home in Redmond we were almost late for dinner preparations.  I stepped out on their balcony to take this photo...what a beautiful sunset and I love the pink contrail of a plane...........

The ending to a perfect day......

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