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Oklahoma Route 66 - Part 5A - Catoosa and Tulsa

You might notice that I've entitled this as Part 5A....that's because this part will be about what is actually on Route 66.  However, Tulsa isn't just the City of my birth, but a lovely, lovely get the feel of it, one needs to spend some time off the Mother Road and that part will become 5B. ;)

Catoosa is the most inland international cargo port in the United States...Tulsa Port of Catoosa... and, because that be totally unbelievable since it's clearly toward the center of the U.S.A., I am providing a link to the curious that will tell all about the Port. There is a park with picnic table on the banks of the Kerr-McClellan Navigation System and perhaps you'll see a barge carrying it payload to the Port.

Catoosa is also home to the  Blue Whale on Route iconic figure where one will find cars with license plates from all over the US stopped to take photos.
As Route 66 is merging with I-44, stay in the Right hand lane that is an 'exit only', then you can turn to the Left and go South to 11th Street and make a Right Turn.....that will be Route 66 and will take you completely through can make a Right turn and make a stop at the destination Casino and Resort owned by the Cherokee Nation......The Hard Rock Casino & Resort.     I'm not much of a gambler, but it has The Joint where, along with one of my cousins, I've enjoyed The Trans-Siberian Orchestra, Don Henley, Tony Bennett, Ronnie Dunn, Harry Connick, Jr. and many more.  It also houses Toby Keith's 'I Love This Bar' restaurant, a great steakhouse (McGill's) and a very good buffet along with other eateries and a venue that always has a good music for dancing.  If you have your golf clubs in the car there is a great course on which to use them.  If I had any idea that there would not be a website WITH IMAGES to have linked to for this huge complex I would have taken's all about The Joint & Casino.

Once you are on 11th Street you will be on Route 66 until you cross the Arkansas River.....and here are some of the sites:  Tulsa Route 66 has many commercial buildings that have the Historical designation.

list provided online by Tulsa Preservation Commission

Here's a fun article to read by Amy Goldman Goss in the Tulsa
World Nov. 28/20/12 about her memories.  My memory is the
smell in the air of bread baking within.  um-um    Ann Goldman Goss article, Tulsa World

Wonder Bread Building

(formerly) Sinclair Gas Station
Home of the Golden Hurricanes
Tulsa University

New Building but Old Tulsa Company
Bama Pies....sold all over the Country  
Tulsa Monument Company
This is the Meadow Gold Sign that
was on the building to the right below.  The sign
was preserved.

Original Warehouse Market - now a chain in the
Tulsa Metro Area
No longer a dairy :(
Tulsa is my Hometown!  I've lived in 7 States and a view of this beautiful City still
captures my heart.

Iconic Art Deco Boston Avenue Methodist 
There will be more photos of this in my Part 5 B :)

Firehouse No. 4 - See the sculpture
 on the left side?
See Jay O'Meilia's gallery including this one

The two photos below is the newest site on Tulsa Route's called East Meets West and the park around it is dedicated to Cyrus Avery.  In the Smithsonian American History Museum.....
in the an exhibit America On The Move .   The area of Route 66 has all identifiable things as Oklahoma...license tags highway sign in the floor, etc. That's because it was Cyrus Avery, 
a transplanted Oklahoman from Pennsylvania, that was the 'Father' of the Mother Road.  To this day, Oklahoma has the most usable original Route 66 road.



So, folks...these are a few of the sites you'll see while 'gettin' your kicks on Route 66'!  Part B of Tulsa will have things found off-the-road .....which might make you stop and look around.   I hope so!!!!
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