Thursday, July 9, 2015

Fort Scott, Kansas ----- Kansas/Missouri Trip Trilogy - Part 1

With foot surgery looming, my cousin, Deanna, and I needed to make a quick 2 day trip to Kansas City.....wanted to shop at all those stores NOT in Oklahoma......Ikea, Costco (opening in Tulsa by end of '15), World Market, Trader Joe's (opening in Tulsa by end or '15) (and we thought The Container Store...but alas it wasn't open yet). So we bought 2 nights at Overland Park, KS (where shopping is) on Living Social and away we went.

However,  every trip needs exploring of whatever city one is visiting and whatever is found upon the way.   Therefore, the first day would be site-seeing and, even tho' we'd both been to Kansas City, there would be a lot to see.

March 23rd
Left early in the morning with Google Maps on my phone :).  When we got to Fort Scott, she had never been there and I was glad to stop again.  The entire downtown is on the National Historical Registry and we had to see every the Fort.    

 During the hours the Fort is open you will find that the buildings are furnished as they originally were and it really interesting to do the self-guided tour. However, by the time we looked over and photographed the downtown area, the Fort of closed. By the way, there is also a gift shop at the Fort.

The photos below are of the town of Fort Scott.  It appeared there had been some renovation since I was there in 2007.

Spending too much time in Fort Scott, we began the journey to Overland Park, KS.  After checking into our hotel, we inquired of  the person at the Front Desk where we might find good KC BBQ.  She was quick to say that Jack Stack's was voted the best every year and there was one close by. Took her advice and Deanna and I both ordered Burnt Ends (that's the very ends of the brisket which usually have lots of smoky flavor).......she ordered beef and pork, I chose only pork....she sort of liked it....I did not.  In Oklahoma and Texas, if we want sauce on the meat, we'll sauce it ourselves.  By the time we got back to the hotel it was time to turn in....tomorrow will be a busy day of site-seeing.

I'm trying to space the photos, so tomorrow I'll post our morning in Kansas City, Kansas. 

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