Tuesday, February 23, 2010

A photo tribute to British Columbia.........

I've been watching the Olympics the past few days....cheering on the Americans, as I'm sure readers of this blog are doing.  They have often run a commercial promoting British Columbia, using well known figures to us who are Canadians.  However, in all of the photographic shots around B.C., I haven't seen MY favorite part of B.C.   So I went back to photos I have of two trips and wanted to share that with you.  I am posting the link to my Google Web Album of Salt Spring Island, British Columbia, Canada!  My first trip was in 1999 and the second was 2003.  If I could afford it, I'd go every year!!!

Salt Spring is the largest of the Southern Gulf Islands.  If you've ever cruised to Alaska you probably have gone right by it!!!   The Island has over 40 artisans who have shops at their studios......if a sign of a sheep is at the road, the shop is open of business;  lots of places offer spa treatments; if you have a lodging with a kitchen, fresh fish every day at the Harbor; lots of places for picnics; and the most spectacular sunsets at Vesuvius Harbor you'll ever see.   I hope you enjoy the pics  and I hope you decide to visit Salt Spring.  ENJOY THE ALBUM!

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