Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Sun's Shining in Oklahoma!

When I worked, today would have been 'hump day'.....and we'd be tickled that the weekend was closer.   In retirement, every day is Saturday!!

Two days ago Roger caught up to MY age.....I hit the mark 2 1/2 months before him so he has that much time to remind me I'm the 'older woman'....and I can look at it as "I'm his elder"...older and wiser.  hahha  Anyway...this is the way we look in our 67th year.

He celebrated his birthday by moving allllllll my Christmas stuff up to my newly created attic storage.  Then my folks came to have dinner and spend the night.  Yesterday Mother was attending a birthday luncheon in Tulsa, Roger went back to the lake and my sweet Daddy and I spent the day together.  He would so like to do a blog, but with his Alzheimer's he can't remember what he did on the computer 2 seconds prior so we knew that would be out of the question.  However, he liked the idea of the radio with playlist that is here.  So, we went to and created one with his music.....that would be 40's Big Band.  We put music of Woody Herman, Glen Miller, Benny Goodman, Duke Ellington, Tommy Dorsey, Les Brown and Lionel Hampton all on the playlist....even put on a radio broadcast by Harry James in 1944, 'cause when he was stationed in San Diego during WWII he listened a lot to those broadcasts.  Of course, neither of us could remember all the words to the I opened another window, pulled up a good lyric site.  Then we put the words on the screen, clicked the song on and sat and sang every song.   Those are the sort of times that live in one's memory for the rest of your life!   

If Big Band music is what you like, go here for a listen.  :)
 Happy Day to all!
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