Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Project Progress....

 First of all, lest I forget to show what it looked like during and after the Sunday snowfall, here are the pics.

My last post showed the carpenter putting in new door from the house to the garage.....that's accomplished, as well as completing the installation of an attic stair in the garage. 

 When the temp finally rises, I'll be in the garage sorting and containing from storage up there and that will be a big Roger as well because he is a super 'neatkin' and can't believe how overrun with junk my garage presently is. 

 Now my part begins in the tiny little entry.  There's the wall housing the new door (paneled), a wall with an opening into the kitchen (wood exterior siding)

 a wall with an opening into the office/laundry room (sheet rocked) and a wall with wooden shelves. 

 The goal is to make it look like a 'complete' room.

Today, I'm caulking (Roger began that prior to the new door), filling in the Large gaps in the tongue & grooved exterior siding with wood filler, and filling in the paneling grooves withi spackling.  Also, will use a 'deglosser' on the wooden shelving.  Then give it a day to dry before priming all the walls and woodwork.  I've order the anaglypta to cover all walls.  Anaglypta is a very heavy paper made for very rough walls and then you paint the paper once it's hung.  Mine will have a stucco 'design' and when finished will just look like stucco walls.  :)  A product we used when my late-husband and I were renovating 'old' houses .....the oldest was 100 years old.

More pictures AFTER the above is completed.   Come back soon!  :)

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