Friday, January 29, 2010

Oh the weather outside is frightful, but the snow is so delightful...

The snow is falling in big flakes and today is the day that is scheduled for the carpenter to put the new door in between my garage and the house.  Brrrrrrr!
He finally decided to put the garage door down to shut out some of the cold and somehow when he used his saw on the door opening, a wire has come loose, or something, and won't close with the switch.   Yikes!   For now we're closing it with the remote.  As soon as the door is in he's going to  put in an attic staircase.....hopefully this afternoon.....but that part of the job won't require the house to be open and my furnace can go back to cycling off and on again.  Yea!!!!!   If the snow gets as deep as they think it might, more pictures will be posted.    :)

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