Sunday, December 19, 2010

Lorrie Morgan's Concert.......

On Thursday night, Cousin Deanna and I went to see Lorrie Morgan's concert at The River Spirit Casino (our Tribe's big casino) and we were not disappointed!

I have this little 'automatic' Fuji that I just love....oh it does lots of things but I'm sort of electronically challenged.......these were taken in the 'auto' mode.........BUT......not long ago I turned the little knob and it said 'movie'   WOW!...thought I!  I used it and voila!   Double WOW!!!!!    lol

When she came back onstage for her encore song, I started recording.....A Tennessee appropriate to the Season! Wanted to share the experience with my readers...... Here's the link for you to see and hear the entire song:

As you can see below, she is still incredibly beautiful and as you will hear on the video, at almost 50, her voice is a good as ever.  One of her Christmas songs was Ava Marie and she did a simply great job.  

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