Monday, January 10, 2011

Agnes Pages and Blogging....

Lots of things about this "blogging" has been interesting and fun...though I do need to be more faithful about writing.  I have favorite blogs that I follow and I've been amazed about how one becomes accustom to following the lives of those bloggers....when one stopped blogging I found myself hoping that they were still well and that nothing was wrong in their life......and then there is 'Agnes'! She seems to be a highly spirited young woman with a special zest for life, who posted almost daily, and, in the Fall, shared that her husband, Geoff, had cancer....she still posted about her daily life and not always mentioning his illness;That was in August

While I didn't read it every day, one day the post was only entitled 'Crash' and all her readers knew it was very serious.  ....and now her postings were further apart....once in a while, Geoff would even post a comment on her blog, which I found very interesting.  All her blog readers were posting their hopes and wishes for them both in the comments of that, her last, blog...and sometimes she would respond...but December 22nd was her last response.  Everyone felt that was a very bad indication.  Finally, there was a posting yesterday (perhaps written by a close friend) that said "Write something to Agnes any words will do"  and a short line that said 'he died in my arms'.  The condolences written are someone who few knew personally, but wrote about shedding tears, praying for her, wishes for her, sorrow for her loss and one quoting something Geoff had written.  

It's a mighty tribute to the human spirit and human concern of the various 'communities' to which we all's more than the community where we's our community of the workplace, our church, our extended family(s), our friends (where we have several communities), etc. 

Those that are a part of each 'community' think differently, act differently, express ourselves differently and yet there is an underlying care and concern for each person in that community.  Somehow.....that's comforting to this writer!

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