Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Africa on a motorcycle ...I interrupt my chronicle of my past year for a message.....

I wanted to tell you about my brother's adventure in case you'd like to follow him.   He (61) and his youngest son (26) have embarked on a 6,000 miles motorcycle trip they refer to as A Motorcycle Odyssey Through SubSaharan Africa.  It can be found at bawanaishmael.wordpress.com.

The 'Home' button will tell you all about them and the posts follows their preparations of the first three days.  This morning was their first day on the road.  They have a Spot Connect that will be able to track them up to the minute, but Reese posted last night he was having some problems with operation...so...we'll see.  Otherwise, I'll be following the route by putting place marks on my Google Earth.

I am sooooo excited for them.  It was originally to be a 'high-five' of sorts to each other.  My brother will receive his PhD from Stellenbosch University in December and my nephew just got his Masters  from University of Colorado Boulder (I think I have that right).

Reese will be staying in Africa to teach at an American School.....prior to coming back for his Masters he taught 2 years in South Korea.

Hope you  follow them.....:)

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