Monday, August 12, 2013

Kansas City Library ...More Happenings during my sabbatical from this Blog......

Back in June, after I left Fort Leavenworth (see 2 blogs back), I took the Blue Bridge across the Missouri River to Kansas City, Missouri.  There were two things I wanted to was the 'garage art' on the parking garage of the Central Library and the Country Club Plaza in Kansas City, MO.  I had seen the 'garage art' online and it was at Hartzfelds on the Plaza that I had purchase my wedding dress in 1962....of course, I knew that Hartzfelds had disappeared into Federated Stores (Macy's) long ago and was now part of Allied (I like to keep abreast of acquisitions..what can I say).

I spent a good bit of time trying to get just the right photos at the Library....and it was difficult!  I don't see the sense in spending money to create what I'm about to show you and then PLANT TREES TO HIDE IT!!!!  Basically, all the floors above the ground floor on the South side of the parking garage are made to look like a bookshelf that is 25 feet long and made from a type of mylar.  Each book is approximately 9 feet wide and the spines are 22 different book titles with the texture and color of the actual books.  Pretty doggone cool!!!!

This is on the actual Library

This is on the actual Library may be asking why I stood so close that one can't see the entire book.....well...this is why

By the time I got way South to the Country Club Plaza it was 6:00 p.m....and was so busy I couldn't find a place to park in order to snaps a couple of pics.  :(  Many times, my late-husband and I made the drive from Topeka to spend the day at the Plaza.....having drinks at Pooch's Bar and Grill (long gone) and window shopping.  Guess I should have gone to our favorite restaurant....WHICH IS STILL IN BUSINESS....
The Hereford House on South Main....greatest steaks!  :) :)

Kansas City is a great town...always has been.  Every time I think of  that town I'm reminded of the lyrics to 'Kansas City' from the musical....Oklahoma!

 "Ev'rythin's up to date in Kansas City....They've gone about as fur as they c'n go! They went and built a skyscraper seven stories high... About as high as a buildin' orta grow."
                                                         (We really don't speak like that)  :) :) :)

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