Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Recipes Clippings........Are they overflowing a drawer????

I love to cook!!! I am forever saving recipes...and when I say 'forever', I mean that I had recipes going back to the 80's.  I decided I had to get them under control... so, after a lot of thought, I decided to find them online and make a cookbook where it would be easy to add to,as well as a recipe easy to find.

As I began to see if they were online after that length of time, I was very surprised that 98% of them were.  SHOCK!  Over the first hurdle!  After doing hundreds of spreadsheets in 30 years of purchasing, MS Excel seemed a logical place to start.  The 'sheets' at the bottom became category tabs; each 'sheet' was given the same format of 3 column....(1)main ingredient (2) actual name of recipe (3) link to website.  I originally sorted alphabetically by column 1, but now I just insert a new recipe where it should be.  If I changed the recipe, I try to make notes but I can't highlight the 'note' portion of the cell in Google Sheets in order for it to standout...still thinking about how I'll do the 'notes'.

In the last few months, I have moved the 'cookbook' into Google Drive and it's much easier to work....'cause one tab is the cookbook and the next tab is my Google/Chrome search. Much better than working between Excel and Chrome.  Besides, I can pull it up on my phone wherever I am AND now, instead of printing it off, I simply follow the recipe from the phone.  EasyPeasy!!!!!!  Oh, I know....I can do the latter just by using MS One Drive....but I'm a Google person. :)

SalmonPan Roasted Salmon on Horseradish Potatoes
SalmonPan Roasted Salmon w/Citrus Balsamic Vinaigrette
SalmonPlank Roasted Salmon w/Shallot Red Pepper Marmalade & Vidalia onions
Salmon - cannedSalmon Dill Cakes
ScallopsSeared Sea Scallops with Orange-Basil Sauce (Note: Orig. printed in Traditional Home Nov. 2007)
ShrimpFleur-De-Lis Salad
ShrimpGrilled Shrimp & Zucchini Couscous with Feta & Mint
Snapper, Bluefish or CodGrilled Fish with Caper-Herb Salsa and Corn
TunaPan Fried Tuna Steaks With Pico De Gallo Recipe
TunaTuscan Tuna-and-Bean Sandwiches

Of course, my actual columns aren't this narrow on the 'Sheet'  shown above.   LOL
Here's hoping that you, too, can clean out those clippings into something usable.  Please make comments and give me your thoughts or tell me if you try my method....or...(dreaded thought) say if you Hate It.  :)

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