Saturday, January 30, 2016

Bar Harbor, Maine in it's Fall Spendor - October 31-November 3, 2015

I missed doing any traveling while I was recovering from foot surgery April through June; then I began a new part-time job so by Fall I was ready to go.  

My cousin, Deanna, my BFF Judy and myself began discussing where we could go.....We had all been to Bar Harbor at various times and decided it would be a good trip together. Since I'm the main trip planner, I began with the 'leaf peeper' site for Maine.  We decided on a date when the entire State was at it's peak...except for the crescent-shaped coastline which encompassed Bar Harbor...with a projection date for it's peak. Love those leaf-peeper sites!

Our plan was to fly to Bangor, rent a car and drive to Bar Harbor.  However, when we got to Dallas the only flight from Philly to Bangor was going to be 2 hours late....prohibiting us from catching our plane to Bangor.  We are all tenacious women, so we looked at the 'boards' to see what flight we might get going North.....Deanna pointed out one to Boston and we were able to get on it.  Hooray! However, the car was in Bangor but since I work for a major car rental company, I explained our plight and we left with a car and headed up I-95.
So glad it worked out that way...beautiful scenery along the highway.  First stop was the  Welcome Center  in Seabrook, New Hampshire.  

It was dark by the time we reached Bar Harbor and were ready to get a good night’s rest and be ready for a full day ahead. In the morning we were please to find our view from the balcony.

This photo was snapped by Deanna
This was our lodging...........Atlantic Oceanside Hotel.... and we were grateful to be paying 'low season' pricing. They have 4 buildings and this was their ocean view building. We'd like to return in 'high season' but we laughingly said we'd have to bring 3 more friends to afford it. LOL LOL The rooms in that building were fabulous!

Then we drove out to Acadia National Park and, despite the light rain, we found it dressed in its finest color. You'll want to 'click-to-enlarge' on these :)

The Park was pretty empty so we could spend as much time as we wanted... taking pictures and videos and just walking around.  We met two girls who were Flight Attendants for Southwest and a couple our age from Fort Worth, TX....who had snagged a one day sale from AA for $80.00 RT tickets to Boston then drove up, as we had done.

My favorite lobster pound, Thurston's (at Southwest Harbor), was closed for the were all other 'pounds', but we were on a mission to eat lobster.  Asked someone coming out of a tavern where we could find a good lobster roll and he said they had really good ones in the the heck....we'd try it.  It was The Dog and Pony Tavern and Restaurant, where we enjoyed good lobster rolls with minimum mayonnaise and lots of lobster and watched almost all of the Cowboys 1st quarter.  This link and the one below has a nice photo gallery.

The next morning we spent our time in the center of the pretty village.  Again, many of the shops were closed for the season, but we still enjoyed visiting those open and once again had fabulous lobster rolls at Geddy's...this time the rolls were fill with warm lobster (much of it claw meat) and they were dressed with warm butter.  Yummo!!!  

        Bar Harbor       

Time was soon gone and we had to head to the airport in Bangor. 

Just one more thing on our list......Paul Bunyan ......while there are several in THE U.S.A., Bangor claims theirs to be the largest.....we decide.   LOL

Had a short but great trip!  If you've never visited Bar Harbor, I hope this encourages you to add on your list of places to go.      "TRAVEL ON............"

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